Rooms, places and facilities

An extremely adventurous experience that comes back in the past. Feel the spirit beings. When emptying the wash water outdoors, it is best to notify the elves first.

The cabin has no water or electricity. There is a line in the cabin for a lamp, heating element and charging plug.

There is a fireplace, propane oven, electric heater and fireplace

You must bring your bedding or you can rent it for 60, - kr. pr. set.

If you are going to have bedding, let us know well in advance of arrival, so we will clean up the bed.

We make sure there is water and firewood at the cabin.

Should there be anything you need, we live nearby.

In the living room you will find peace and quiet in a rustic and authentic setting.

There is a sofa bed for two people.

It is a lounge with two romantic lights from an eletrical extension cord.

Kitchen with wood stove stove and small room in basement to keep food cold. A propane stove, basic kitchenware and cutlery

There is one bedroom

There are two bunk beds,for four people.

There is a small loft, a nice sleeping area for teenagers.
Mattress for two people.

There is no bathroom inside the cabin.

There is an old-fashioned toilet without water in a small house outside the cabin.


If you need a shower it can be arranged
, it costs 20, - kr.per person.
A family 50, - kr.

If you need to use a washing machine it can be arranged
, it costs 20, - kr.per wash.


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