History Hytta's mythological world.

Troll can also transform into, for example, a rock, tree lumber or other natural object in the woods.

The Huldre people are natural to nature, which, according to Norwegian people's faith, lives in nature as invisible creatures side by side with humans, but in a parallel reality, often near farms and settlements. They only rarely see because they can both be made visible and invisible.

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The one belonged to the underground, and the moose is Huldra beast. In Norway, the mound is called "the king of the forest", it has mysterious powers

Huldra is a human female being, she is a beautiful woman with long hair. She can also be transparent when she gets stuck in the dark.

Fossegrimen by the river. He never leaves his resting place and he is young and beautiful.

 Fossegrimen is known for being a very talented felactor who plays the mighty sounds of nature - the sound of forest, wind - everything can hear between trembling violin strings.

Around History The cottage lives the underground wetters and breathtakers.

It is: hollow peoples, hippos, trolls, tusser haykall, tuftekallen, huldregubben, huldra, the plot, the troll and the elves.

When wiping out the wash water outdoors, then it is best to tell the small people first that they will be careful.

The alves are known to attract people with dance and beautiful music.

Everyone could be seen dancing down on the ground during the summer's bright moonlight nights, or in the fog in the morning. The elves often dance in the ring, often to the music of Nøkken when there was a lot of water in the pelvis.



You will probably find your special way of communicating and communicating with the small people. If you are lucky to get in touch, do not expect them to move into you. But it can happen because there is no power in the History Cabin

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