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Sleeps 6 . ( 8 ) people-

Check-in 14:00 *
Check-out time is 12.00


Price quoted in NOK
Pay the rent minus the deposit on arrival.
One night from Sunday to Friday N Kr.449,-
One night from Friday to Sunday N Kr.549,-
Weekend (Friday to Sunday)      N Kr.949,-
One week                                 N Kr.2949,-
These supplements are ordered at least 5 hours before arrival.
Bed clothes N Kr.60, - per set.
Heating (warm cabin) Kr, 60, -
Washing out Kr.150-
One night from Sunday to Friday N Kr.89,-
One night from Friday to Sunday N Kr.109,-
Weekend (Friday to Sunday)      N Kr.189,-
One week                                 N Kr. 589,-
Deposit is payable when booking is confirmed,


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.If you need a shower, it can be arranged.
It costs 20, - kr.per person.
A family 50, - kr.
If you need to use the washing machine it can be arranged           It costs 20, - kr.per wash.



                                Request booking at:

 harry.huse @ gmail, com              Message on tel: 40095043


Click here:Contact    If you speak Norwegian, call: 40095043                                



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The simple cabin life, cabins without power and wate
Rooms, places and facilities
Eight people can stay overnight.
Must be trained before we can make the most of it.
Many varied offers out in nature like provides healt

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