Overview and information

In the history of the cabin you get an experience, special and exciting.


Here you can read what you can experience in and around Historie Hytten

Around History The cabin houses the underground herdsmen and spirit beings. 

There are: caverns, hawks, trolls, shovels, tuftsall, haldububben, holdra, plot, trolls and elves


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The simple cabin life, cabins without power and wate
.Only 10 minutes to good hiking ski track and alpine skiing.
Eight people can stay overnight.
What does it cost??
Around History The cabin houses the underground herdsmen and spirit beings
Perfect cottage for outdoor people in Nesbyen - the heart of Hallingdal in Norway.
Welcome to this dreamy and romantic nature,
Must be trained before we can make the most of it.
Many varied offers out in nature like provides healt
When wiping out the wash water outdoors, then it is best to tell the small people first that they will be carefu

The alves are known to attract people with dance and beautiful music.

Everyone could be seen dancing down on the ground during the summer's bright moonlight nights, or in the fog in the morning. The elves often dance in the ring, often to the music of Nøkken when there was a lot of water in the pelvis.

You will probably find your special way of communicating and communicating with the small people. If you are lucky to get in touch, do not expect them to move into you. 

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