History The mythological world of the cottage.

Trolls can also transform into, for example, a rock, timber or other natural object in the forest.

The Huldre people are nature spirits and vets who, according to Norwegian folk belief, live in nature as invisible creatures side by side with humans, but in a parallel reality, often near farms and settlements.They only rarely see themselves because they can make themselves visible and invisible.

The moose belonged to the underground, and the moose are underground riding animals.In Norway, the moose is called "the king of the forest", it has mystical powers.

Huldra is a human-like female being, she is a beautiful woman with long hair.
She can also be transparent when viewed in the dark.
The waterfall grime resides by the river. He never leaves his abode and he is young and beautiful.

The waterfall grime is known to be a very capable player playing natural powerful sounds - sounds of forest, wind - everything can be heard between trembling violin strings.

Around History The cabin houses the underground herdsmen and spirit beings.

There are trolls, between the pile, the tuftsall, the hollowman, the huldra, the plot, the troll and elves.


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