History cottage

History cottage situated in beautiful surroundings with good views.

Romantic weekend with your loved one?

Do you long for a romantic and relaxing weekend in Norway?
Treat yourself to a little break with your loved one on one of 
the most romantic cottage.
Let your mind run free and enjoy a relaxing weekend.


What does a cabin or somewhere romantic?

Is it: architecture, outhouse, candles,
oil lamps, the nature, the view and the silence
That there is no running water, no electricity, no television ?

Yes all this together makes a place romantic.

Cottage has mountain views.

Do you long for a relaxing week with your beloved?
From Cottage goes the dirt road into the mountains.
So there are many good walks.
In the fall there is lots of berries in the area.

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Long term rentals

It is possible to rent for long periods.
Long term rentals can be ordered from 2 to 12 WEEKS.

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