It is popular and attractive. Great sun and views.

The cottage is in a beautiful setting with a good view.

Try the cabin life as it was once - relaxing, natural and quiet!

Leter du etter en romantisk og avslappende helg?

Hva gjør en hytte eller sted romantisk?

Er det: arkitekturen, utmattelsen, lysene,

Oljelamperne, naturen, utsikten og stillheten?

At det ikke er vann, ingen kraft, ingen TV.

Ja alt dette sammen gjør et sted romantisk.

It's only when you're in a simple cabin that you understand how stressful everyday life really is. How much noise we surround ourselves with and how far away from nature we have moved

We are proud of all the good feedback

It's fun with all the nice guests from all over the world who visit us. Norway is a country that attracts guests from all over the world who love our country.

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Utedo ("old-fashioned") a toilet without power and water.

It's not just friends of ("old-fashioned"), 
but most people think the outreach is easy to use.

Dreaming away at a different time is easy in cabins without water, or electricity and with exhaust, the batteries recharge in a completely different way, visiting back in time for easier life. Do you want the simple cabin life without the power and inline water? Then it becomes a traditional old-fashioned cabin life.

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Sit on the porch in the evening to see the lights from the Alpine Center and the cottage town around is a beautiful sight.

For Christmas and Easter we rent the cabin privately.

The cabin is also being rented for a longer period of time
Are you interested so get in touch for appointments.

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Perfect cabin for outdoor people!

Short distance to nature experiences both summer and winter. Since 70% of the area of Nes municipality consists of mountain areas, this provides a good opportunity for all outdoor people to take a peaceful trip into the woods and fields. It is a short distance to both the wonderful family-friendly 
Nesbyen Alpinsenter , cross country tours and fishing possibilities, etc.

Welcome to the wonderful family-friendly Nesbyen Alpinsenter -