Magic of the imagination

Do You Know Underground Beings HULDRA -----------

Into the deep forest

Welcome to this dreamy and romantic nature,

with mountains and deep valleys.

    Mythological world. Fotoalbum Photogalle

Discover the magic of the imagination

 and the magic of this fantasy           

beings inhabiting this forest.

The underground lives underground or in nature as invisible creatures next to us.
After Christianity, the relationship with the underground changed. From being good and helping beings, they were made for the utøy you had to take care of.

Underground Being
The Huldre people are nature spirits who, according to Norwegian popular belief, live in nature as invisible creatures side by side with people, but in a parallel reality, often near farms and settlements.They rarely see themselves simply because they can make themselves visible and invisible.
The moose belonged to the underground, and the moose are underground equines.In Norway, the moose is called "the king of the forest", it has mystical powers.

Waterfall Grime is known for being a very skilled player playing natural powerful sounds - sounds of forest, wind - everything can be heard between trembling violin strings.

There are trolls, between the mound, the tuftsallen, the caveman, the huldra, the plot, the troll and the elves.

Stories and superstitions.
The elves are known for attracting people with dance and beautiful music.
Everyone could be seen dancing on the ground during the summer's strong moonlight evenings, or in the fog in the morning.The elves often dance in the ring, often to the music of Nøkken when there was a lot of water in the basin.
You will probably find your special way to communicate and communicate with the little people.If you're lucky enough to get in touch, don't expect them to move into you.

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