Supervision or collection of sheep. "Sheep hunting"

Supervision or collection of sheep. "Sheep hunting" It's hunting it's excitement.

It is important to have good shoes and clothes.

If you wanted a great mountain experience.

Exciting experience in a wild and beautiful nature.

Accommodation in an old newly refurbished herring cabin.

Where it gets serviced are good food and good drinks.

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We find the sheep.

When we see sheep, we must be careful and see that we are bringing all the sheep.

 We manage to bring them with us or run them from us.

This is more exciting than any other hunt.

Some sheep may be easy to bring.

Some sheep can blow their nose just to disappear,

then it's a problem to bring them along.

There is a varied terrain.

It is not easy to bring sheep from this terrain.

Sometimes we have to go through places where

it can be quite tight and difficult to get through.

Taking pictures is important to look back.

A bunch of "sheep hunters" outside the shepherd's cottage

Accommodation in these old newly refurbished shepherd cottages.

It is good to relax and wait for the serving of good food.