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It is Noophit and Harry Leif Huse who have Harry's Farmer. Organization number: 996 818 233

Harry Leif is a young older man. For many years he ran Activities and horses riding for the hotels in Hallingdal. When he retired, he traveled to live in Thailand for a few years. He traveled into the country and was with the Thais working on the farms. In 2008, when he got his Thai wife who owned and operated a farm, they started Harry's Farmer. When Harry Leif and his wife Noophit moved back to Norway, they registered it here in Norway. They are still a lot in Thailand, often together with someone who then gets to experience the real Thailand.

What does Harry's Farmer have to offer?
Sale of cottage plots.

Rental of Gjerde Hytta for 2, 7 or 9 people.

Rent a Magic History Hytten for 6 or 8 people.

When ordering, we have room for groups of over 15 people.

If our guests need help arranging or carrying out activities, get in touch.

Send request for order to:
harry.huse @ gmail, com
Message on tel: 40095043
If you speak Norwegian, call: 40095043

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Flott sted med masse snille/gode/fredlige tusser og småtroll/folk. Her kan man virkelig få slappet av og ladet "batteriene/romantikken"👍👍👍

06.04 | 16:44
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