Here I ponder and reminisce.

When I come up with something, I write a little.

Today the 06.05.21

Have you succeeded in combining ideas into something new?
I do not get tired of finding exciting ideas for the ordinary things, there is reason to believe that you also want to do something new.
When you hear about my ideas, you think:
It's an exciting idea, which I'll hardly think will come to fruition.
Ideas are worthless without action.
If you join, we will be able to realize our ideal ideas of what we should achieve. I think that when we finally get started on something new, it will hardly be that difficult to get a good result.
Who are you, are you a Robot?
The robots take over many jobs, they can be exciting to work with.

Today the 28.04.21

The South Pole is stable and has no signs of climate change for so long. With a different wine direction, it can change.

It has been freezing cold at night and not very many degrees during the day. A nice weather with a lot of sun. Today it was snow shower, it is fresh and good.

Today the 24.04.21

The days go by and we follow. Things happen and they are filled with joy and hope. Many good experiences and memories through the time that has passed.

Today the 23.04.21

"History Hytten" and "Gjerde" Hytta "is located in" Gjerdebråten "which is merged with" Bjødna-Solheim ", the area is located between Skirvedalsveien 27.-17 down to Espesetveien 75.

Today the 17.04.21

Our sun warms and the brook hums the melody of spring.
The snow disappears to make rivers and mud ponds.
Spring gives a good mood and always makes you look forward to life.
Everything comes to life again and gives great joy.

Today the 12.04.21

It snows so beautifully to how cozy it is when the snowflakes fall from the sky. It is actually very beautiful. The snow falls gently, the valleys so soft, beautiful. It covers / changes the trees from dark to beautiful white veils.

Today the 10.04.21

In the song "The wind gives answers" we sing, yes the wind can give answers to all the questions you have. I do not get it to vote. Now there has been a strong wind for several months. I have not received an answer, but I have had questions about my stomach. What must we do to share if this strong wind continues?

Today the 09.04.21

Winter came back, it looks like we'll have some great winter days.

The snow is coming back and the summer preparations are put on pause for a few days. The mountain is covered by night-frozen spring snow glistening in the sun. Spring is a great season, something in between winter with cold and summer with heat.

Today the 08.04.21

I have a lot to do. I'm too busy. I have ended up in a time crunch. This was the norm for me before.


Now there is not much «should, should, must be done. For now I say: I have things I can do if I get solved. These are some actual tasks, I have plenty of time to complete them.

This gives a good feeling and joy.

Today the 07.04.21

Nå har vinden løyet for oss her, det har går bra.
Nå står buskene å viler ut etter noen dager med en hard kamp for å overleve.
Vi var redde for at noen ville tape kampen. Spesielt de som står oss nermest, hvis dem hadde tapt kampen kunne hele huet vårt blit knust.

Today the 06.04.21

With age, then understand than that one must take only one step at a time. Sometimes it becomes difficult, or you have to go back. You still have to learn to cope with both the heavy days and the beautiful days. The beautiful days light up the dark days to do so than occasionally look at places that one has not looked so closely before. Things that one has often "forgotten" a little, put a little aside. Today I have once again been reminded to take one step at a time. And at the same time be happy with just that. Things take their time, that's just the way it is.

Today the 05.04.21

I have been thinking for a long time that I should write more on the website.

So today I start. What should I write about?

That was it, it will be what falls into my mind.

Then we'll just see how it goes.

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Flott sted med masse snille/gode/fredlige tusser og småtroll/folk. Her kan man virkelig få slappet av og ladet "batteriene/romantikken"👍👍👍

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